How to map properties on the CouchDB document to java model object?

I have within a database a set of documents in CouchDB where their structure is as follow :

      "_id": "adebafb022857385a4c970b0f0000349",
      "_rev": "2-19d78f4d8d6386bfbe7b2c03b5213830",
      "street_number": "20",
      "street_name": "B.Baker St",
      "city_name": "Marylebone",
      "zip_code": "2550",
      "status": "active"

as you can see the properties are not camel-cased, I have tried to make the mapping using JsonProperty, however, I get null value in all properties except for status property.

I have pushed the code in this repo link

Any help is much appreciated

Regarding the CouchDB, I using a docker container with CouchDB image.

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