How to make multi search query

The Customer Search can be accessed from the Sidebar Navigation by clicking the on the magnifying-glass-icon. Customers will
be searched by name, zip-code, city and customer-id.
I need to make a query to search customer by above fields.
How can make a query?

Are you describing your own application? Or some Couchbase sample? Could you be more specific, what kind of query are you trying to execute: Views, N1QL, Full text search?

Hi, Thanks for your reply, I’m working couchbase lite .net (1.4) sdk.
I’m sure how to make a query for this purpose.
Please give any example code.

You can find query samples for .NET here:

It seems couchbase lite net 2.0 sdk.
I’m using 1.4 sdk. There is no way in 1.4?
And I’m not sure how to add the 2.0 sdk to my project.
Would you send UWP example project with is using 2.0 sdk?