How to know what objects is deleted


I would l’île to know if there is a way to get the name of top 10 objects deleted in the admin console. De have already the top 10 objects used

I use the 2.2 CB server

Thann you

There is no such statistic available from the admin UI. You’d have to track that kind of information from your application.

Thann you
I tried to ask. Because we have the same informations for ops

Actually… the top keys stat can deliver that kind of info if I recall correctly. I’d actually intended for this kind of use case. I think if you dive into the memcached binary protocol request of stats topkeys, you’ll find that you can get a larger list of topkeys including deletes.

It’s not in the admin console and I don’t even remember if it’s in the REST interface. You may want to dig a bit @Crafty33 if you’re up to it. If you need some further pointers, let me know.