How to keep datas after uninstallation

Fow example

I installed couchbase by rpm,version is 2.2.0

create Bucket and save datas to this bucket

after that,I want to uninstall it and install 2.2.1 or 2.1.0

after installation,will data be still there?

If you’re installing from the RPM the package scripts should take care of that for you. However, as an extra precaution you should ALWAYS backup your data. You can use ‘cbbackup’ and ‘cbrestore’ for that purpose. Those utilities are found under ‘/opt/couchbase/bin’ in the default install path.

You should also make a backup copy of your cluster configuration ‘/opt/couchbase/var/lib/couchbase/config/config.dat’. The actual data files can also be found under ‘/opt/couchbase/var/lib/data’ if you wanted to tar those up as well.

When upgrading a cluster you probably also want to be sure you only ‘upgrade’ one node at a time and allow that node to return to a fully okay and ready state before moving on to other nodes to avoid downtime or dataloss.