How to install java client

can u please help me out to install step by step??


i didnt understand whats going in documentation ,so i came here(please dont share link)

please helpme out

@boby what have you tried so far and what does not work

i just installed java 11, and maven latest version,
but i dono where to put

com.couchbase.client java-client 3.0.2


please help me

@boby are you using an IDE or any other editor (intell ij, vscode,…)?

You need to learn how to use a maven and java project in general, this is not couchbase specific: here you learn how it works, and then you will also know where to plug in the com.couchbase.client java-client 3.0.2 in your pom.xml for maven. IntelliJ, vscode etc can read maven projects and build/run them.

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