How to implement full text search in xamarin android using couchbase

How to implement full text seach in xamarin android using couchbase.Lite.

I have created index by following

Now I want this searching to be done from my android mobile. I want to get the search result in mobile.

You mean you want to query the server from xamarin or implement the full text search itself on Couchbase mobile. The latter will not be possible until 2.0.

@borrrden Yes, I want to query data from couchbase mobile, but by using the index that I created in server. I want to see the result in mobile as same as querying in server as shown in

Upon searching text in searchbox in mobile I want that text to be queried in server and return the list of results to mobile and show that data

Is is not possible to query via mobile ?

Not as part of the mobile sdk. Mobile does not interact directly with Couchbase server and there is no mechanism in sync gateway now to pass this view back to the client. It’s doable but you have to query the view manually. It’s not recommended to expose Couchbase server to the public internet so you’d need to set up a server to do these queries for you and return them.

@borrrden so how can I do that. Is there any blog to refer?

Not that I know of, but the basics are just setting up some web requests to hit the REST API of Couchbase Server (or ideally, an application server that sits in front of it)

The blog @renjith pointed to covers the Couchbase .NET SDK, and from a quick look it even appears to show putting the search results in a web page. We also have a sample web application that shows FTS search in a REST API for C#.

@matthew.groves: Any other resources you’d suggest?

Hi @borrrden, glad to be of help!

I have examples of setting up RESTful services in .net ( and .net core (

Also, the source code and slides for the Connect 2016 workshop are also available, (which has examples in .net) -

If you’ve created services with ASP.NET WebAPI or MVC and you understand the Couchbase .NET SDK, there’s not much to it. If you need help with anything involving the Couchbase Server SDK, I’d recommend you ask over on that forum: