How to get result of a View in one couchbase server call

When we try to get result from a view using this code

IView list = _cache.GetView(entityIndex.DesignDoc, entityIndex.View, true).Keys(keys);

      if (list != null && list.Count<T>() > 0)
        results = list.ToList<T>();

we get to see several calls to couchbase server to get data from couchbase view, Suppose we run our code to get 500 results from a view than on list.count there are 500 calls to the couchbase server again on list.TOList there are another 500 calls to the couchbase server .

Is there any way to reduce it to just one couchbase server call for this 500 result.

Sunil Singh


The short answer is “no” you have to call the database using the get() (or equivalent) to get the value, but it is not an issue, since the protocol you are using is very fast. (and document are in the cache or be placed in the cache.

Note, you can choose to do a single get() or use a multiget().