How to get Local Document of 1.4 in 2.7?

Currently I am using 1.4 version of Couchbase Lite community edition and I want to upgrade on 2.7. How can I get my local documents on 2.7 that I have created on 1.4 version?

No change necessary. Documentation here:

But I am not able to get local document on 2.7 version.
In 1.4 I was using getExistingLocalDocument(documentId) but there is no any method mentioned in the couchbase docs to get those local document and the method getExistingLocalDocument(String documentId) not available in 2.7.

The local-document feature doesn’t exist in 2.x, so those aren’t transferred. (They were mostly just used for storing replicator checkpoints.)

As a workaround you could use SQLite to open the old database and copy the local docs, before opening it with 2.x (which will upgrade it and delete the old file.) I don’t remember the exact schema, but it’s pretty simple – something like a “localdocs” table whose rows consist of a key and a value.

@Nikhil_Kumar: my apologies! I misunderstood. I thought you simply meant documents in a local database. I hope @Jens ’ answer is more useful!