How to get backup for particular Channel Data From Couchbase Base Server

I want to take backup and move to other server, but here i want only particular channel data. what is the way to get it and move to the another couchbase server.

Thanks in advance.


You are referring to channels, has your data been generated by Sync Gateway?

If it has, there is currently no way to backup just the data for one channel at the Couchbase Server level.

The best way to achieve what you want is to setup the new Couchbase Server and Sync Gateway instance.

Then replicate just the documents from the named channel from the old SG instance to the new SG instance.

You can do this using the standalone sg-replicate tool.

If you are comfortable building Sync Gateway from source, the sg-replicate functionality has been merged into master on the SG GitHub Repo. Replications can now be triggered from the ADMIN REST API.

Thank you @andy i will check it.