How to get backup details?


I want to know the size of the backup through REST API.

like this.

However, the Rest api did not provide this information.
The following is the information of the corresponding backup that I obtained through REST API.

curl -X GET -u Administrator:password http://localhost:8097/api/v1/cluster/self/repository/archived/not_full_zzz/taskHistory

If the Rest API does not provide this information,
I think there is only a way to go into the path of the file and measure the size of the data folder.

It’s not the same, but it’s somewhat similar.

Isn’t there a way to get that information except this method?

I’ll be waiting your help. Thank you.

[My Environment]
Couchbase 7.0 Beta
Window 10

For example:

curl -X GET -u Administrator:password http://localhost:8097/api/v1/cluster/self/repository/active/my_repository_name/info

where my_repository_name is the name you see under the “name” column in the main Backup Service menu in the UI

So, for the archived repository that you wish to get the info on, it would be to use “info” instead of “taskHistory”:

curl -X GET -u Administrator:password http://localhost:8097/api/v1/cluster/self/repository/archived/not_full_zzz/info

Hi @hyunjuV .

I haven’t seen “Get Information on Repositors.”

Thanks to you, I checked. Thank you.