How to filter out Couchbase logs in DataDog using .Net Core?

.Net Core 5
CB SDK: 3.1.3

Currently on Datadog Couchbase “Error” logs are showing up as “Info”, I cleared all logging providers, but still getting the Couchbase. logs, really don’t want those as we have in-house logging that catches the errors we want from Couchbase so the SDK provided logs really don’t need.

How to disable those?




Can I see how you have the DataDog logging configured? The Couchbase SDK simply posts all logs to ILogger<T> instances from DI, with appropriate log levels. So I’d think there’s something in how DataDog is wired up to the logging infrastructure which is causing it to forward those logs.


Error logs coming in as Info.


It appears that the issue is actually related to tracing, not logging. The OpenTracing infrastructure is apparently also registering itself to receive logs. You can see the log was submitted as an Error in the JSON data, it’s just being added to the trace as an information data point.

Unfortunately, you’ve now moved outside of my knowledge base. I haven’t personally dealt with setting up OpenTracing. I’d assume you can configure what it does with logs somehow, but I don’t know.