How to extract value from a generic JSON doc

I have a json structure which has the following structure, the fields has list of names and values (sort of key value pair). How do I extract the value for a specific field where name = ‘abc’, I would expect the value of output to return as “answer1”. Appreciate your help !

        "type": "sample_test_record",
        "fields": [
            "name": "abc",
            "val": "answer1"
            "name": "xyz",
            "val": "answer2"

You can unnest to achieve this:

SELECT f.val
FROM the_bucket b 
UNNEST b.fields f 
WHERE = "abc" 
AND b.type = "sample_test_record"

(Ref: )


SELECT FIRST v.val FOR v IN d.fields WHEN = "abc" END
FROM default AS d WHERE ..........;


Use @dh query with following index (CB 7.0+)

CREATE INDEX ix1 ON the_bucket ( ALL ARRAY FLATTEN_KEYS(,f.val) FOR f IN fields END) WHERE type = "sample_test_record";

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Thank you exactly what I was looking for

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