How to exclude '_sync:rev' documents

I’ve got some views on the sync_gateway bucket but they all contain documents with ids starting with “_sync:rev”. I assume these are internal sen-gateway docs and I should not be reading them?

What’s a suitable way to ensure they don’t appear in my views?


If you have created your views via the Sync Gateway RESP API, then the map function will contain the following line:

if (sync === undefined ||,6) == \"_sync:\") return;

This will return from the map function without further processing for all internal _sync: metadata documents.

If you are creating your views directly on CBS, then you can use a similar approach in your own views.

Here is an example of a complete view generated via the SG REST API (Note this is suitable for use via the Admin REST API only)

			"map":"function(doc,meta) {
				var sync = doc._sync;
				if (sync === undefined ||,6) == \"_sync:\") return;
				if ((sync.flags \u0026 1) || sync.deleted) return;
				delete doc._sync;
				meta.rev = sync.rev;
					function (doc, meta) { 
						if (doc.type != \"list\") { return; } 
						emit(doc.title, doc.owner); 
					(doc, meta);
					doc._sync = sync;
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Perfect, thanks.

I’m not creating views via the sync gateway - as discussed elsewhere views in the sync-gateway aren’t supported feature due to performance concerns.