How to decode encoded_plan?

Hi everyone,

I have some slow prepared and parameterised queries but I am not sure which one is the culprit…

I can have access to the encoded_plan and was wondering if there was a way to use a couchbase tool to decode it and see what is the plan?

We don’t have a direct way to turn the encoded plan into a plan, I’m afraid.

To answer your question from a different angle, in Watson we have implemented a completed request log which will hold all the requests that have run for longer than a preset threshold (which is configurable from either command line or REST).

You can access it via N1QL:

select * from system:completed_requests;


curl “http://localhost:8093/admin/complete_requests

That would be your first port of call to identify likely culprits.
Since completed_requests gives you the query text (among other things), using EXPLAIN against the text of the slow queries would give you their plans.

We also have a system keyspace listing all prepared statements (with text and encoded_plans) (system:prepareds, or if using REST, the /admin/prepareds endpoint).
Given an encoded plan, you should be able to find the corresponding statement from it, and then tie it back to completed requests.


Many thanks.

Unfortunately, for the moment, I am on 4.1… Looking forward to the 4.5 as this kind of facilities around slow queries will be very helpful!