How to create index on two nodes on Community Edition

I have set up a cluster to test with (Community Edition 5.1.1). When I first created the cluster all indeces were created on both servers. Now I have done some further tuning and improvements - but the new indeces seems to only be created on one of the nodes. I created them using the Query option on the admin console.

If I specify CREATE INDEX ... WITH {"num_replica":1} I get an error message stating that I can only specify this on Enterprise Editions. So question is: How do I get the indeces on both nodes? Am I just too impatient - or do I need to do something manually?

Replicated indexes are EE only feature cc. @deepkaran.salooja

For CE you need to manage by yourself by creating equivalent indexes. i.e create same index with different name without {“num_replica”:1}

CREATE INDEX ix1_replica1 ON default(c1,c2);
CREATE INDEX ix1_replica2 ON default(c1,c2);

Also you can place index which ever node you want by specifying in WITH clause or let indexer place it.

Ok, but then why did the server itself place all indexes on both nodes when I added the second cluster node?

But fair enough. I was just “tricked” into believing that it was a general feature and did not see anything about it only being EE.


… perhaps you should specify in the documentation that this is only an enterprise feature. It doesn’t say in neither “nodes” nor “num_replicas” - see:

Thanks @jda for the feedback. We’ll update the documentation on this topic DOC-4320.

The index placement policy for 5.1 CE is round robin across all the index service nodes in the cluster.