How to create AWS Lambda deployment package that uses Couchbase Python client

Thank you for your link, I got this working.

For others who are searching to fix this error, run the following in your docker container running Amazon AMI (I used docker image dacut/amazon-linux-python-3.6, it should be the same in ec2 or any Amazon Linux)

Only needed during first-time setup:

sudo rpm -iv couchbase-release-1.0-4-x86_64.rpm

Will install or upgrade existing packages

sudo yum install libcouchbase-devel libcouchbase2-bin gcc gcc-c++

Then include the files in


and the .so files in


in your lambda deployment package zip file which you will be uploading to S3.

(if you cannot for some reason find the files in /usr/lib64, use this command to check where the files are located - bash-4.2#rpm -ql libcouchbase-devel libcouchbase2-bin )

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