How to count uniques with view?

So say I have the following documents

{“acct”:“123456”,“name”:“John Smith”}
{“acct”:“123456”,“name”:“John Smith”}
{“acct”:“123457”,“name”:“Jane Doe”}

function(doc) {
emit (doc.acct, 1)


This view will return 3

I want to find how many unique acct I have.

The result should be 2

Nice To Meet You
My name is favour.
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The query result will be 3 since 3 keys were actually emitted, to actually get the unique you need to group the reduce results, I created a quick gist to illustrate, which I copied here

# Get a number of unique account numbers via a map / reduce view # # foobar bucket contains: # # A = {"acct":"123456","name":"John Smith"} # B = {"acct":"123456","name":"John Smith"} # C = {"acct":"123457","name":"Jane Doe"} # # map: # # function (doc, meta) { # if (doc.acct) { # emit(doc.acct); # } # } # # and reduce: # # _count #

require "couchbase"
cb = Couchbase.connect(“http://localhost:9000/pools/default/buckets/foobar”)

accts = cb.design_docs[“test”].test(group: true).map { |doc| doc.key }
p accts # => [“123456”, “123457”]