How to configure multiple filters in one mapping rule using XDCR migration mode

I am planning to upgrade to CB7.1 and migrate single bucket to multiple scopes and collections.
when I choose “use migration mode” in XDCR, I can only specify 1 filter. I get error when add 2 filters (see attached screenshot). my purpose is to migration documents with “tID = 1111” and “type = Study” to collection.


The keyword “and” should be all caps… “AND”.
Or you can use ‘&&’ as well.

When “and” is used:

When “AND” is used:

Hi Neil,

Thanks for your response. “AND” is working.

if I configure multiple mappings to different collection at the same time, like:
“tID = 1111” and “type = Study” =>
“tID = 1111” and “type = User” => cust1.user

Does XDCR copy document to different collections in parallel or sequential?


Each source bucket has many vbuckets. Each vbucket has a single stream. So if two documents belong to the same vbucket, then the “copy” operation you speak of will be sequential. But if the two documents belong to two different vbuckets, then they will potentially be in parallel.

Thank you very much!