How to configure couchbase lite to use individual (NOT system) proxy settings?

I plan to run couchbase lite on a Windows system that is behind a proxy. Windows is not configured to use a proxy and is not getting proxy configuration by other means, e.g. DHCP.
This is a way to prevent Windows and other apps to have internet connection - of course there are also additional security controls in place in the proxy to prevent that.
So whenever I want a specific app to have internet connection, I have to configure proxy settings in that specific application. But not all applications support individual proxy settings.

Reading I understand that couchbase lite could use a system configured proxy. But is there a way how to configure couchbase lite with specific proxy settings? I couldn’t find any information regarding that.

Currently users can not configure proxy settings in Couchbase Lite.

Currently, CBL doesn’t support non-system proxy settings, and we don’t have a plan to add this feature in the near future plan as this is the first time hearing about the requirement. @priya.rajagopal, please chime in if you have any input on this.

That is correct. Couchbase Lite will only support system proxy settings.