How to building peer to peer between more devices android. Couchbase lite 2.5

Currently I have a problem, i can’t import ```


Please try again, this post is not understandable.

i want push and pull data between 2 devices android use peer to peer.if you have project example for couchbase lite version 2.5,please send me .

Peer to peer replication is an Enterprise Edition feature. You’ll need to purchase a license. We do have documentation on using the EE APIs on our site.

To be slightly more clear you are welcome to evaluate it without buying a license, but for production you will need to purchase one.

I think on your website document does not specify the activePeer and PassitivePeer issue so we cannot try to use the peer to peer function. If you have detailed instructions please send us. thank you

We will purchase and buy the license of the couchbase from your company. However, firstly we need an example to clearly understand the features. We have read the document however we have not understood clearly yet. And could you please inform us about the price and how to use it if we buy it? Hope we will receive your information from you as soon as.

In the docs ActivePeerConnection and PasivePeerConnection are meant to serve as placeholders. These are classes that you as the develop must implement in order to inject connectivity functionality to the library. Implement the interface mentioned in your custom classes and basically tell the library how to open connections, send data, and close. I don’t know if we have any public detailed examples but we did provide guidance on how to implement for our enterprise customers.

For information about licensing you should contact the company directly. We cannot provide any information on this forum.

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