How to authenticate to multiple buckets with the same user/pass via config file

As the title says…

In the older SDK, you could authenticate with the same username & password for multiple buckets by specifying username in the config file…
But for the current SDK you cannot add a username attribute to the config files, which is frustrating and i have to create 3-5 separate users for each bucket instead of 1 user for all the necessary buckets. Currently this is only available via authentication via code.


What version of Couchbase Server are you using? If you’re using 5.x and RBAC, you can provide a single username/password in the configuration that will authenticate for all buckets. This is done with the “username” and “password” attributes on the root configuration element, i.e.:

<couchbase username="Administrator" password="password" connectionString="couchbase://localhost">
    <add name="default" />

Hi btburneet3,

Could you please tell me how do we configure for 3.0.6.RELEASE?



I believe that is related to Java? Unfortunately, I’m not a Java guy, I do .NET.

@MikeGoldsmith do you know someone that can assist?

Can you create a new post in the Java channel asking the same question? Thanks!

Thanks for replying - I’ve created a new post. Below is the link.

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