How to apply the changes to the sub documents[embedded document] when the corresponding parent collection is updated?

Hi Team,

Could you please go throw below scenario and help us to find a solution for our problem?

Consider below example.
Say for example, in our application we have two entities. Person and Customer.
Person is a normal user how just visit our application and Customer is our users who enrolled to our products. So once a Person enrolled to our products we create a Customer entity and map the Person entity with the Customer. Since we are using couchbase we mapping the relation as embedded sub documents. In this scenario Customer entity will have a embedded sub document of Person with minimal details[firstName, lastName, email etc]. Person and Customer is just an example and we have number of similar entities.
Now our question is, we want to update the latest changes of parent collection to all the corresponding sub documents. Here if the Person entity get updated[lastName and email] we want to apply the changes in embedded sub documents of all the collections having the relationship.
Do we have any mechanism for the same?

This could be done with Eventing Service: Fundamentals | Couchbase Docs