How renew lock TTL?

I’m trying to implement a document modification form on a Web site. When a user starts to modify a document, the server will lock the document for a few minutes. When the lock expires but the user is still modifying the document, the server should renew the lock for more minutes.

I expect that an application which knows CAS key of a lock should can update the lock TTL with lock or touch command. But both commands don’t take CAS key as a parameter.

How can I make the server to renew a document lock TTL which the server acquired?

Hi, the CAS is automatically handled. If there is a CAS mismatch, you will get an error.

By what action? Is there some action to renew TTL of a locked document?

I guess another getAndLock should do it.

Oh, you’re right. In libcouchbase, get seems to provide cas parameter with lock option. But in Python client library, Bucket.lock has no cas parameter. I guess I should report this issue at Python client library instead of Couchbase Server.