How I can query nodes specific index hosted on?

Server version 6.5.1 CE

Problem statement:
Get nodes where index hosted on.

For instance i have following index:
CREATE INDEX promo-date-cache-by-day-productId ON promo-date-cache(day,productId) WHERE (productId = “1”) WITH { “nodes”:[ “” ] }

I try to use SELECT * from system:indexes
but it always returning "datastore_id": ""

Same time I see than I call REST API http://localhost:8091/indexStatus
it returns correct "hosts": [""]

The question is what query or combination of queries REST API used for ?

@1111, the REST API http://localhost:8091/indexStatus gets the information directly from the index service. SELECT * from system:indexes doesn’t have this information currently.

The other option is to use Index UI to view the details:

Thanks for the answer.
Do I understand correctly that at the moment there is no way to get the nodes on which the index lives programmatically?
Except for REST API calls.

@1111, that’s correct.