How do you change the address Couchbase binds to?

I hate to create a duplicate of an existing post, but no one seemed to respond to the other guy who was asking pretty much the same question. Here is his post: Bind CB to specified IP address.

Is it possible to change the address Couchbase binds to for ALL of its services (both internal and external)? If so, how?

I’ve managed to change the bind address for the REST API (8092) from “” to a private IP, but not for any of the other Network ports.



Hi Joe, Answer to your question is currently there is no way to bind to or change the specific ipaddress in Couchbase ‘by design’. It might be possible for some of the services (for example: memcached) to support bind’ability to a specific address but not for all services. Hope this helps!

Anil, thank you for your response. I thought that might be the case.

I think that, from an IA perspective, not making this behaviour configurable could be a “show-stopper” for some potential users. Use-cases exist that require a solution to be able to be bound to a specific IPs and ports (yes I know the ports are already configurable).

I realize that the issue can be somewhat resolved using an external component (a firewall), but in pretty much every other way Couchbase is an all-in-one solution. It would be nice to see that characteristic come through everywhere.

Thanks again.


Hi Joe, Agreed. Support for bind’ability to a specific address across all the services is in our roadmap. Thank you the feedback.

Anil Kumar