How do OIDC /{db}/_session /{db}/_user works with multiple Sync Gateway replicas?

we are setting up a Couchbase Sync Gateway 2.8.3 Cluster on Kubernetes with 2 nodes. (replicas: 2 in the deployment file as described here)

Since Sync Gateway is stateless, how will the OIDC endpoinds /{db}/_user/ and /{db}/_session/ behave with 2 replicas?

Will the two Sync Gateway nodes be able to synchronize users?

Background: We have OIDC enabled with a custom provider, working well and tested with 1 node. We have a Java server which POST _users and _session to Sync Gateway as part of the OIDC flow described here, however we are upgrading to a Sync Gateway Cluster scenario and this question came up.

Thank you

Sync Gateway users and sessions are stored inside Couchbase Server, so although the Sync Gateway process itself is stateless, it is able to share sessions, etc. between multiple nodes without any further effort.