How do I make case-insensitive queries on Ottoman v2

Hi @AV25242 ,

How do I find the case insensitive? I want to find result even if “help”.


Below one document is help department

_type: ‘Departments’,
change_status: 0,
created_at: 2021-03-02T15:58:16.786Z,
id: ‘9382e4f9-2aec-45ec-91e2-2079ecec1ae5’,
name: ‘Help’
status: 1


Hi @Rajasekar currently you cannot do it, but we are investigating ways to accomodate it !

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An issue has been created and should be most likely available with the next release stay tuned !

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Thanks for the update

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@Rajasekar we released alpha.21 last week, please check it out :slight_smile:

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were you able to see it in action :slight_smile:

Thanks @AV25242 , i will check and upgrade package.