How can I reach sample on tutorial?

I am using N1QL-DP4 and I couldn’t access beer sample on tutorial like this video which is below. I just want to access on tutorial beer sample. How can I get over this situation?
When I paste ‘cbq-engine -couchbase’ in N1QL folder on cmd, lots of options come here. Which one is useful to me?

Hi, you need to use -datastore

$ ./cbq-engine -datastore=
_time="2015-01-25T11:05:14+01:00" _level="INFO" _msg="New site created with url" 
_time="2015-01-25T11:05:14+01:00" _level="INFO" _msg="cbq-engine started" version="cbq-dp4" datastore=""

Okay, but when I use -datastore, this error is come in cmd:

‘Failed to listen Access is denied.’

Try to open the cmd prompt as admin:

right click on c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe and choose “Run as Admin”