How can I create an index for my query

How can I create an index for my query below.

FROM ResumeBucket as P
left join UserBucket U on = P.postJsonDto.user_id
WHERE 1 = 1
and ($userId in U.connections OR P.postJsonDto.user_id = $userId)
and P.postJsonDto.page_constant = ‘hp’
and ($userId not in P.hideUserIds OR P.hideUserIds is null)
order by P.postJsonDto.post_time desc
LIMIT 5 OFFSET $startPage

I try some index for this issue. There was no difference with the following indexes

CREATE INDEX NDX_Genel ON ResumeBucket(id)
CREATE INDEX NDX_Genel_postJsonDto ON ResumeBucket(postJsonDto)
CREATE INDEX NDX_Genel_postJsonDto_user_id ON ResumeBucket(postJsonDto.user_id)
CREATE PRIMARY INDEX NDX_Genel_Primary ON ResumeBucket
CREATE PRIMARY INDEX NDX_Genel_Primary_User ON UserBucket
CREATE INDEX NDX_Genel_User ON UserBucket(userId)
CREATE INDEX NDX_Genel_UserCache_user ON UserBucket(user)

I was looking for something just like that. Thank you very much.