How can I configure my sdk to switchover to backup xdcr cluster automatically in case the primary fails (without using MCA)?

If we use DNS SRV record, will it be seamless?

It is to be noted that the Couchbase stores the server addresses at the time of bootstrap. So how does it work even with DNS SRV ? wouldn.t it still require bootstrapping after the fail-over happened ?

If you’re planning to use XDCR for disaster recovery, you should also plan to have app servers local to the cluster. Note the support limitations on network connections.

At the how-does-it-work level, we did make a change in SDK API 3.4 to have reconnection back all the way out to a DNS-SRV lookup. Generally, I wouldn’t rely on DNS to change clusters though, as DNS is cached for a period of time. I know there are DNS based load balancers and that can work, just be aware that it is not atomic and if both clusters are taking writes concurrently, it’s possible to have conflicts and then conflict resolution.

Hope that helps!