High number of page faults

Hey everyone,

I just installed couchbase. The application I am running is using the standard memcached php extension. I have setup HAProxy. I have Couchbase running on 6 machines. The application connects to one of the six through HAProxy. Each node in the cluster has 512MB of memory allotted to it.

I am getting about 9,000 page faults per second with this configuration.

So I have a few questions.

  1. Can couchbase server function fine with code based on php-memcached? Does existing code which uses php-memcached need to be converted to use the couchbase extensions?

  2. IS HAPRoxy messing it up? The reason for HAProxy is that if a single node fails the connections will be pooled to other available nodes.

  3. IS a cluster of 6 nodes too much?

Thanks in advance.