Help needed: strange login behavoir / can't login to forum

I have an account with username = grep (and couple of topics started that are really important for me). But each time i try to login (with different browsers, different providers, with clearing cookies for couchbase & gravatar) login form (JWT; how does it “determines an e-mail” ?) insists that i need to create new account (why ?) with different login, but when i finally give up and agree for different login, it tells, that my e-mail is busy (of course, because it’s my e-mail with my original login!). Dear forums admins, please, help me to fix this!

I have 2 screenshots, but unable to attach it, because i’am a “new” user :frowning:

P.S. By the way, such behavior (i.e. “allow to upload, but not allow to publish”) is a “possible bug”: try to imagine someone, who is gonna to use your forums to host his own public resources. Someone uploads something as “new user”, no one knows about it, but content is hosted.
[UPDATE] Quotes at the end of a link is a problem that allow to publish links. Probably “pre-publish-parser” needs an update. But this does not solve a problem with “uploading content from just registered users”

@ingenthr , @truc , @sam.saffron maybe you could help me?

[UPDATE2] After lots of update for this post i have achieved “basic user”, so here are my images (same links wrapped in “img”):

Seems like “Meta” is abandoned :frowning:

Sorry for the trouble @grep / @egrep. I’ve just talked to @weston.smith who is trying to get the issue fixed. It appears to be something a bit funny with the SSO. He’ll be in touch with next steps. Thanks for trying to debug it!

Hi, @ingenthr!
Thanks, but i think now it’s more reasonable now for me to stay @egrep :slight_smile: But anyway, fix is needed, i think.
Also, check please forum “uploading feature”; there is something really weird with “.zip” upload (see Index problem with flush + select ... [request_plus | not_bounded]).
And, of course, “new user publishing” that i mentioned before is a little bit weird too.
By the way, as @egrep i failed with JIRA access. Is it normal or this is all about “funny thing with SSO” you’ve mentioned ?