HelloCBL training question

Hi Couchbase community!

I have attempted the first training for Couchbase Lite Android which can be found here http://labs.couchbase.com/couchbase-mobile-portal/develop/training/build-first-android-app/index.html

I have completed everything up to this point where I have successfully get my sync_gateway working, authenticating a user and all the other bits and bobs that have been asked, no errors whatsoever.

There is one thing that I’m not sure which is whether the replication process of push and pull have been executed correctly. I cant show you the full code at the moment but from my understanding

as soon as the method above is executed anything that is in my couchbase lite database should be pushed onto my server but there seems to be nothing going on, the bucket I specified in my server still has not changed. I assume it will be the same when I do the Pull.

My Sync gateway configurations are like below
“log”:[“CRUD+”, “REST+”, “Changes+”, “Attach+”],
“databases”: {
“couchbaseevents”: {
“server”:“walrus:data”,//<—this was changed to point to my server
“sync”:function (doc) { channel (doc.channels); },
“users”: {
“GUEST”: {
“disabled”: true,
“admin_channels”: ["*"]
} but are pointing to my server on AWS, the database and bucket names are also changed so that any data that’s been pushed will go to the right place

Am I missing something here? can anyone help please I am really keen to learn about this new technology

Both are running as expected:
Couchbase Server version 4.0.0 community deployed on Amazon Web Services
Couchbase Sync Gateway 1.3.0 community deployed on Amazon Web Services

Many Thanks

I found my error, it turns out I was only PULLing - it was a typo on

the push method should’ve been createPushReplication