Having child object in a document via MutableDocument in c#


For my application I would to have nested data inside a document. I am building an application where I need a parent object with properties which contains a list of other objects.

What is the proper way to do this via a MutableDocument in c#?

Example structure:
public class Parent {
string SomeProperty{ get;set; }
public ICollection Children {get; set;}
public class Child{
string SomeProperty{ get;set; }

How does this translate to a MutableDocument?

Regards, Rob

This is a fairly general question: answers will vary depending on exactly how you plan to use the child documents.

One solution, of course, is to do exactly the same thing that one would do it a SQL database: each child object has a field called “parent” that contains the document id of the parent.

Another obvious solution is that each parent document contains a list of document ids for its children.


A Document basically contains JSON, so it allows nesting. If you want nested objects, then set a document property to be a dictionary or array, and add the nested objects to that.

Just note that

  • using very large objects hurts performance, since the whole object has to be read and written whenever it’s accessed.
  • query capabilities for nested objects (like searching all items in an array) are very limited and can’t take advantage of indexes.