Hard Out of memory Error with full-Ejection


We create a bucked with type Couchbase and Storage Backed as couchstore, ejection type is FULL.

We allocated 300MB RAM and we wanted to insert 300M docs.

When we start the insertion with bulk of 10k docs using Golang SDk.

It was observed that insertion went fine for sometime with data RAM used between low water mark and high Watermark but insertion shot stopped when data ram used went above high watermark.

As we are using FULL ejection Method data RAM should come to low watermark when ever it reached High Watermark but this not happening every time.

And another observation is when we increased ram for the bucket insertions started happening as the high watermark went above the data RAM used.

Can someone please help me to understand why full ejection is not releasing the data RAM used?


Apologies for the delay here. You are right about the behaviour of full ejection, but it is still possible to insert data into RAM faster than it can be written to disk. Given enough time, the data will be written to disk and can then be removed from RAM. Can you confirm that you are receiving a “hard” out of memory error or is it “temporary”?

You may also want to try this with our new storage engine, Magma, which is meant to provide better disk performance.