Hang in CBL_FMResultSet step with couchbase lite iOS

  • Version: Cocoapods - couchbase-lite-ios (1.2.0)
  • Client OS: iOS 9.3.1 (13E238)
  • Device: iPad Pro

We have a user who gets a hang 100% of the time on startup such that the watchdog kills the app (after 20s). The stack is below where the hang is occurring. This is not something that we can recreate ourselves, or that has been reported by any other users. Any clues as to what could be causing this?

Thread 0 name:  Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread
Thread 0:
0   libsqlite3.dylib                    0x00000001824510dc 0x182408000 + 299228
1   libsqlite3.dylib                    0x00000001824510dc 0x182408000 + 299228
2   libsqlite3.dylib                    0x00000001824438e0 sqlite3_step + 504
3   Concepts                            0x000000010059b52c -[CBL_FMResultSet step] (FMResultSet.m:133)
4   Concepts                            0x000000010059b670 -[CBL_FMResultSet next] (FMResultSet.m:161)
5   Concepts                            0x0000000100596458 -[CBL_SQLiteViewStorage _runQueryWithOptions:onRow:] (CBL_SQLiteViewStorage.m:721)
6   Concepts                            0x0000000100596808 -[CBL_SQLiteViewStorage regularQueryWithOptions:status:] (CBL_SQLiteViewStorage.m:763)
7   Concepts                            0x000000010050726c -[CBLView _queryWithOptions:status:] (CBLView.m:369)
8   Concepts                            0x000000010052e30c -[CBLDatabase(Views) queryViewNamed:options:ifChangedSince:lastSequence:status:] (CBLQuery.m:514)
9   Concepts                            0x000000010052c990 -[CBLQuery run:] (CBLQuery.m:218)
10  Concepts                            0x0000000100241434 -[DBProject drawings] (DBProject.m:99)