Handling failed events in Webhook handlers in Couchbase

I have integrated a webhook handler in my Sync Gateway such that every document change is posted to my API.
I want to know if there is any way to log all those document ids which failed to be posted to my API (e.g. due to connectivity issue) or while processing in API?

PFB webhook handler part of my config:
“event_handlers”: {
“document_changed”: [
“handler”: “webhook”,
“timeout”: 120,
“url”: “http://localhost/api/xyz

Failed posts will be logged to the Sync Gateway logs, but don’t currently include the doc id. There’s an enhancement filed to address this:

By when can we expect this to be resolved?
Currently every type of log is written to only one file. Is there any way to log these errors (regarding failed posts in webhook handler) in to a separate file, because it would be tedious to parse for these errors in Sync Gateway logs containing every type of log?

The issue you mentioned above has got fixed. Which version of Sync Gateway would contain this fix?

It will be included in the 1.4.0 release.

When will 1.4.0 be released?

A date hasn’t been set for 1.4.0 yet.