HA for Index in CAO

Hi Couchbase Team,

In CB Server, HA for Index can be achieved with following parameter “{“indexer.settings.num_replica”: 1}”.
How can this be done in CAO K8s with or without helm charts ?

I just see one parameter (under Bucket Resource definition) ‘enableIndexReplica’ whose value can be ‘True’ or ‘False’, however how to set more than 1 replicas (like non-Kubernetes deployments ) ?

What API does that JSON relate to?

Anyway, if you look at the docs https://docs.couchbase.com/server/current/rest-api/rest-bucket-create.html#replicaindex then it says this can be either 0 (none) or 1 (single replica), so allowing it to be an integer is pointless at the moment and more error prone from an usability perspective.

@simon.murray, replicaIndex specifies if View indexes need to be replicated. The setting “{“indexer.settings.num_replica”: 1}” specifies how many replicas need to configured for GSI Indexes.

I am not familiar with CAO enough. Is there an ability to configure GSI Index settings?

These are the only settings I know about: https://docs.couchbase.com/server/current/rest-api/post-settings-indexes.html

They will be configurable via a Kubernetes custom resource in Operator 2.1. I cannot see any reference to num_replica in the reference documentation. If you have a link to what you are describing I can be more precise.

Thank you @deepkaran.salooja. That’s what my question was about.
@simon.murray Here is the link… https://docs.couchbase.com/server/5.1/indexes/index-replication.html

Oh I see, no we don’t run queries for you, you have to do that yourself with an application SDK or a raw API command.

… for now, we have a plan in the works, but that’s not going to be available until next year some time at the earliest.

@pratmeht, the setting is being added to UI and settings/indexes REST endpoint as part of 7.0 release(tracked under MB-40787) .

Then you should be able to configure it with Operator 2.1 as mentioned above. @simon.murray, please correct if my understanding is not correct.

Thanks @deepkaran.salooja, if that’s the case then we can most likely expect direct support in 2.2 or after. 2.1 is too far down the road now.