Guest user disabled but getting channel replication documents


I’m new to Sync Gateway, and i’m trying to implement a demo solution for a project.
I’ve read the documentation and saw some of the online videos os Couchbase Connect.

Based on that, I’ve disabled the guest account in sync gateway config file, checked the logs, and the warns me that the guest account is disabled.
But, when i open a client app, with no authentication. i can still create documents, that get Sync Gateway accepts and a third client app, with no authentication is receiving them as well.
Shouldn’t Sync Gateway refuse connections from anonymous users, when the guest account is disabled?

See here my current SG config
And here a document example

Appreciate any help i can get.

If the guest account is disable, anonymous users cannot post data on the public port (4984 by default). If your application is targeting the admin port (4985), operations would succeed even without credentials.

If that’s not the problem, have a look at the Sync Gateway log to see which credentials are being used when the non-authenticated client app connects. You should see log entries like:

HTTP: #001: PUT /db/_bulk_docs (as USERNAME)

@adamf you’re right, i was using the admin port, and not paying enough attention to the Sync Gateway log!
I spend a few long hours trying to figure out this, you’re a life saver!
Do you know if there is a way to change this default behaviour of the admin port?

Again, thanks for your help!