Go install error while building: "undefined: minify.Bytes"

I am trying to build coulchbase from source on my ppc64le ubuntu16.04 VM.
OS - Ubuntu 16.04
Architecture - ppc64le
Go version - 1.8.3

The build is failing at the very last point for module “ns_server/deps/gocode”. I had installed go module “minify” manually using “go get github.com/tdewolff/minify

The build command which gets fired is as below:

cd /root/meghali/couchbase/ns_server/deps/gocode/src/minify
/root/meghali/go/pkg/tool/linux_ppc64le/compile -o $WORK/minify.a -trimpath $WORK -p main -complete -buildid 26a9a74ceea36d14e4a1b7d58a41994de8941a59 -D _/root/meghali/couchbase/ns_server/deps/gocode/src/minify -I $WORK -I /root/meghali/couchbase/build/gopkg/go-1.8.3 -pack ./minify.go

Has anyone seen such error before? Any suggestions would help me to resolve this.