Go Driver: unsupported protocol scheme error

I’ve installed the Couchbase server on my mac and have used the default options in the setup.

I’m now using go and trying to use the go-couchbase driver examples from here:

When I run either the hello.go or the basic.go example (with the administrator credentials as parameters) I get the following error message:

2013/08/02 17:45:10 Error connecting: Get /pools: unsupported protocol scheme “”
exit status 1

Now the error message seems to tell me that I don’t have a suitable protocol scheme installed, does anyone have any information on what protocol schemes I need to install?



Probably you missed “http://” in node address.


I’m not 100% sure as I’m not a GO developer, but most of the time with the Couchbase SDKs you don’t need to provide admin credentials, but bucket level credentials (that is, bucket name and optional password).

The first argument to the “hello” program should be: or so depending on where your server is.

See the client.go header for a quick guide on examples, here are also more:

Hope this helps