Global secondary index (GSI) for couchbase lite

I am trying to build a android mobile app. I prefer using GSI instead of views for easier and faster querying with n1ql. Any idea how to use GSI with couchbase lite?

GSI cannot be used with Couchbase Lite. It is fundamentally incompatible with an embedded mobile library because GSI is a separate server process running in cooperation with the main process. Couchbase Lite 2.0 does not use views anymore so maybe that will be of interest?

I have about 200 000 records that need to be searched through very quickly. Does the default indexing support n1ql queries? if not, is there a indexing method that can be used with n1ql queries.
How would these affect app’s performance in ‘expensive’ searches like wildcard search are used

N1QL is also a strictly server side technology that relies on having a separate process (and GSI, actually). 2.0 introduced the new Query API that is similar to N1QL but doesn’t have all features and is not string based. I don’t have an answer for how an app’s performance will be affected because I suppose it would depend on the situation it is being used in. The best way to find out would be to write a POC.

Does the new Query API use any indexing mechanism or can we configure indexing for this?

You can add an index on certain key paths but it’s not the same as GSI. All you can specify is the key path and it will make your ordering / comparison faster.

Check out this intro blog on Query APIs in Couchbase Lite 2.0