Give user access to all buckets in a cluster with server 6.6.0 community and python sdk 4.1.9

I’m trying to give a user access to all buckets in a cluster. If I’m in the web view I see Application Access as a role but this doesn’t seem to work when in the sdk. How do I give access to all buckets, If possible in a way that will allow me to have access to all new buckets if there are new ones.

data = {
        'name': COUCHBASE_USERNAME,
        'password': COUCHBASE_PASSWORD,
        'roles': 'role to have access to all buckets'
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Whenever I do this I get this as error: couchbase.exceptions.InvalidArgumentException: InvalidArgumentException(<ec=3, category=couchbase.common, message=invalid_argument (3), context=HTTPErrorContext({'client_context_id': 'dc5664-e117-db45-7b6b-74414a8ee46690', 'method': 'PUT', 'path': '/settings/rbac/users/local/user', 'http_status': 400, 'http_body': '{"errors":{"roles":"Cannot assign roles to user because the following roles are unknown, malformed or role parameters are undefined: [query_select[*],query_manage_index[*],query_insert[*],query_delete[*],data_writer[*],data_reader[*]]"}}'}), C Source=/couchbase-python-client/src/management/user_management.cxx:702>)

Community Edition doesn’t support Role Based Access Control.

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