Gevent in python sdk


in my application, I’d like to use the gevent interface of the couchbase python sdk. I found this note in the docs of 3.0.0alpha client:

The async APIs below are from SDK2 and currently only available from the couchbase_v2 legacy support package. They will be updated to support SDK3 shortly

However this page is gone in current versions of the docs. Does this mean that gevent interface is not going to be implemented? If this is true: Is it possible to use gevent’s monkey patching with the normal interface of couchbase python sdk?

@jcasey can you please assist ?

Hi @foobar123 - At the moment there is no support for gevent (including monkey patching) with the 3.x Python SDK (we would not recommend working with the alpha/beta versions of the SDK). We are actively working on which async libraries the SDK will support and will look to make updates, both to the documentation and the code, to reflect the direction we are taking. In the interim, asyncio is what we would recommend as it does have some test coverage.

ok, thank you for the reply. The asyncio interface is not usable for me because I have an application that relies on gevent, but I’ll continue using synchronous calls then until there’s news on gcouchbase

Hello again! Is there any news on whether gevent support will be re-implemented (and if yes, when)? I have an application that would benefit a lot from gevent support