Getting rid of unwanted deletes from the _changes feed

I have cleaned up some unwanted data in the system but new clients who do a pull replication get thousands of _deleted=true items in their _changes feed which slows down their ability to sync data dramatically. Is there a way to clean up the server so the _deleted items don’t appear?

On the Sync Gateway side, you can purge obsolete documents using the admin purge API.

A new client (doing a first-time pull) shouldn’t be getting all those deletion records, at least not with Couchbase Lite 1.3. We added an optimization to both CBL and SG to suppress those since they’re not useful on a first-time sync. The client will add "active_only":true to its _changes parameters to enable this.

Thanks. The client was getting the deletes on a new sync using 1.3 but not on the 1st sync as you say. As soon as I turned on continuous replication they all started to appear.