Getting "operation times out" when accessing a document


I’m using SDK and Couchbase 5.0.1 Community
I think I stumbled on a Couchbase server bug…

I’m accessing a document in a “Couchbase” type bucket (the document content is JSON object):

    IBucket bucket = ClusterHelper.GetBucket("users_Couchbase");

    IDocumentResult result = bucket.GetDocument<dynamic>("SessionTimeout_ScheduledTask_Data");

The first time works,
From the second time, I get a time out.
If I rebuild the project or do IISreset and run it again, the first time it’s working again and from the second time I get timeouts again

Here is my log when it fails: (5.2 KB)

I “fixed” the problem.

I was using bucket.dispose() after getting the document.
This caused a problem with future requests and the indexer going crazy in the logs i attached.
Not sure why this is not allowed…