Getting null returns from GetView

Using .NET SDK 1.3.12 i sometimes get null replies in one service, but not the other when using the SDK the same way.

I use the following code:
var data = _couchbase.GetView(“keysessions”, “by_keyId”, true).Key(key_id);
var keySession = data.First();
_log.Debug("KeySession Loaded with resource id: " + keySession.ResourceId);

And in one service, i sometimes get errors about keySession being null in the log line, even for known good keys. But not however in the other. How can i fix that? They shouldn’t really be null.

Hi @loke_xstream,
Can you share the error messages that you get?
I’m wondering if this could perhaps be a timeout error, can you describe the cluster you are using? size, number of doc’s in view, RAM, # cores?


Hej Martin

Sure, i’d be happy to. I don’t really get an error message, but if i do if (keySession == null) that will trigger. If i don’t have the if statement, i will get a “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” on the next line where i access keySession.ResourceId.

It is a 2 node cluster running 2.5.1, currently the bucket contains around 23000 elements, and with that view i am returning a single document. Each node has 2 gb of ram allocated and are using less than 10% CPU. So i doubt very much that it is a load issue. Especially since it for some reason only happens on one of the applications.

How many view’s is there in the cluster?

Counted across all data buckets for both production and development?

Yep, all bucket’s in dev and production and then the actual numbers for the bucket in question.

It has two buckets:
default (which of course is default)
keys (which has 3 views: all, by_keyId, by_requestor) Views then have a copy in development in addition to production.
So i guess a total of 6 views.

Also just updated to 2.5.2. from 2.5.1 to eliminate that as an issue.