Getting exceptions when one of data nodes failover

Recently one of our data nodes have failedover and we got Exceptions from our applications. We give all host IP’s as a list to config. As a solution, we removed failedover node IP from host list of config. We don’t know why this happened.
Couchbase Nuget Client: 3.1.1
Couchbase : 6.6.3

Thank you

@mehmet.firat.komurcu -

If a node fails over your going to get some failures/exceptions until failover completes and likely until you rebalance.

If you leave a failed over node in your bootstrap list and attempt bootstrap against it, yes it will fail, but should move on and try the other nodes until bootstrapping is completed.


Hi @jmorris , We’ve upgraded our nuget package to 3.2.2 and problem solved. I forgot to write here, sorry. Thank you for your help.

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