Getting exception while writing in to the bucket

Hi Team,

We are trying to insert/update the bucket and while doing that. We are getting this Java exception. We try to increase the bucket size and then no more error. Any idea what can be the issue.

Caused by: null at$3$ ~[java-client-2.7.2.jar!/:na] at$3$ ~[java-client-2.7.2.jar!/:na] at rx.internal.operators.OnSubscribeMap$MapSubscriber.onNext( ~[rxjava-1.3.8.jar!/:1.3.8] at

Hey @sahubharat

This error is normal and indicates that the server is temporarily overloaded. You can handle it by retrying, ideally with an exponential backoff strategy to add a) some delay before retrying and b) to increase that delay over time if the server continues being overloaded.