Getting error on query: All indexer replica is down or unavailable or unable to process request - cause: queryport.client.noHost


I have a shared index on a cluster created with query:

CREATE INDEX `idx_errors` 
ON `data`((distinct (array `err` for `err` in (`extract`.`errors`) end))) 
PARTITION BY hash((meta().`id`)) WITH { "num_partition":8 }

And I am trying to query data the with following query:

SELECT count(*) as count_errors 
FROM data AS doc 
WHERE ANY e IN doc.extract.errors SATISFIES e LIKE "%host" END;

And getting error:

    "code": 5000,
    "msg": "All indexer replica is down or unavailable or unable to process request - cause: queryport.client.noHost"

I haven’t found any explanation of this error in the internet. Is there any additional info about how to fix this issue or what to do further?


Can you kindly let us know the couchbase-server version you are using. Also, what is your cluster status. Is any of the indexer node on which the index “idx_errors” resides is inactive/failed over?


Hello! Thank you for your response.

I am testing Enterprise Edition 6.0.1 build 2037. All servers respond, all indexers are in green status and healthy as far as I can see in web GUI.

Maybe there’s any other info that I can provide?


Can you kindly share the indexer logs from indexer nodes where the index idx_errors resides and query logs so that we can investigate the issue further. The logs can be found in /opt/couchbase/var/lib/couchbase/logs directory on a linux distribution.


Hi, I’m DevOps from @icamys team, in the next message attached indexer and query logs with reference to idx_errors index.

[UPD: I can’t upload logs in reason of: ‘Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.’]


Sorry for the delayed response. I missed your notification.

You can upload the logs on a google drive and share it to me on varun[dot]velamuri[at]couchbase[dot]com

Apologies for the delay again.


Done. Please check mail.


Thanks for sharing the logs. From the logs, I see that there is no index for bucket data (rather I see an index for bucket scraped_data). Am I missing anything? Also, can you share the logs when the issue is happening?


Data bucket is just for example. For real we work with idx_errors index on scraped_data bucket. I’ve resented extended logs from needed period.
Please check mail.

Hi @rambling,

The issue is a known issue in 6.0.1 version (See It happens when ns_server changes the address of indexer from to

As a long term solution, I recommend you to upgrade to 6.0.2 where this issue is fixed. As a temporary solution, you can terminate the cbq-engine/indexer process on the node


The same issues was seen with Cocuhbase 7.0 and I had to perform “Compact” to the bucket and it’s back to normal.

Hi @Vikash_Agrawal , the previously reported issue was resolved in 6.0.2.

Requesting for the logs from 7.0 setup to analyse this further.